Ms. Vonda Dennis has worked with families in the childcare profession for well over 20 years.  Pursuant to formal education in Early Childhood studies, Ms. Dennis furthered her education by becoming a certified Baby Nurse, Postpartum Doula, Labor Assistant, Lactation Specialist, and Lactation Educator.  Her latest achievement was receiving her certification as a Prenatal Parenting Instructor under Dr. Fredrick Wirth, the world-renowned neonatologist and author of “Prenatal Parenting”.  Additionally, Ms Dennis is certified as a Health and Safety Specialist through the American Red Cross.

Through decades of peerless service, Ms. Dennis has been hailed as “The Baby Guru” by appreciative clients.  With well over 2,000 clients to her credit and the ability to calm “level five” colicky infants, as well as nervous first time parents, she is considered to be a Godsend.

A Certified Parenting Coach and Certified Baby Sleep Trainer, Ms. Dennis is highly regarded by her peers and countless students whom she has trained through the numerous training programs offered through her company, The Stork Stops Here.

Founded in 1998, The Stork Stops Here was established to help meet the needs of both new and veteran expectant parents, as well as those looking to further their education in the postpartum care field.  She is known as the lady with the answers, as she carries with her a wealth of knowledge to more than adequately satisfy every position that she faces.  She welcomes any challenge that may arise and views it as a chance to exercise her baby knowledge muscles.

A true Baby Concierge, Ms. Dennis is highly sought after by politicians, heads of state, federal judges, television personalities, Grammy award winners, heads of corporations and a host of others.  Additionally, she has been featured on MTV, KBIG Radio, KOST Radio, and mentioned in various newspaper articles including Los Angeles Times (read the article).  She was also quoted in HollyBaby offering advice to Kourtney Kardashian (read Kourney's tweet and advice).

It is Ms. Dennis’ sincere hope to be a part of your journey into parenthood. She would consider it to be an honor and a privilege to serve you.

Mentoring Sessions include the following:

  • What to expect during your pregnancy.
  • "So, You Are Going To Be A Parent" (Role play for parents to-be)
  • Nutrition for Mom
  • CPR and Safety for Infants
  • What To Purchase: Shopping for Newborns and The Nursery
  • Nursery Organization (optional)
  • Infant Nutrition: Breast or Bottle Feeding
  • Preparing for Birth
  • Options for Professional Assistance (Doula, Baby Nurse, etc.)

Postnatal Sessions include the following:
  • "Believing In Yourself"
  • Adapting to Parenthood
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Instinct Training
  • Baby Care Guidance
  • Breast or Bottle Feeding Counseling
  • A Letter To Baby (optional)
  • Childcare Options
  • Sleep Training

Mentoring Sessions are available as follows:
  • 1 Hour (min) to 6 Hours (max)
  • 1 Day (min)  to 8 Weeks (max)
  • 4 week minimum booking is required for all newborn specialist assignments.

Pre-booking is recommended.

Offered Individually
  • Baby Care Classes
  • Baby Sign Language
  • Baby Tutoring
  • Brain Development for Infants Using Musical Theory
  • Breastfeeding Classes

CPR Classes
  • First Bath Assistance
  • First Feeding Assistance
  • Lactation Consultation

Nanny Training
  • Party Planning
  • Sleep Training

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